Our Enoteca boasts a tasting room large enough to seat groups of up to 22 people. We offer different formulas of tastings, lending a large amount of attention to the two typical wines of the Cinque Terre. These two wines are a dry white wine and a dessert wine made from dried grapes called Sciacchetrà. Along with the two Cinque Terre D.O.C. wines, we can add wines from the other two D.O.C. areas located within our province. These D.O.C. zones are Colline di Levanto and Colle di Luni. These zones produce white wines, obtained predominately from Vermentino grapes – notably the Vermentino of Luni – as well as red wines which are made principally with San Giovese grapes with the addition of other typical varietals of the area.

To taste the wine means to enjoy with attention a product which quality one intends to appreciate by using our senses of TASTE, SMELL, and SIGHT to examine and understand it.