La Gola in Tasca
A wine shop stocked with Italian, and above all local and Tuscan, wines that, from mid-March to the beginning of November opens its outdoor seating area where one may sit while enjoying a glass of wine along with simple dishes and excellent bruschette, salted anchovies from Monterosso, pesto bruschette, cold cuts and cheeses, carpaccio and mixed salads. Usually a visit here will set you back less no more than 15 euros.
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Il Golosario
Here, the best (and unique) examples of the rare Sciacchetrà and Cinque Terre white wine.
P. Massobrio Il Golosario 2005, Le Guide di Papillon, 2004 Edizioni Comunica, Alessandria, pag.361

L'Italia dei Formaggi
A vast assortment of cheeses from all over Italy, from robiola from Roccaverano to Sardinian pecorinos and Pecorino di Fossa (pecorino cheese specially matured in caves), cold cuts including some made from wild boar meat, and naturally many wines from Piedmont and the rest of Italy are available for sampling. Here you can find snacks and lunches, an assortment of bruschette, cheese and cold cuts all in the charming atmosphere of a wine cantina.
L. Cremona e F. Soletti L’Italia dei Formaggi, Touring Club Italiano, 2002 Touring Editore, Milano, pag 190

Guida alle Cinque Terre
Enoteca Internazionale, the most famous meeting point in Monterosso.
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